Formative Language Assessment Records for ELLs
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FLARE Mission

FLARE's mission is to promote educational equity and academic achievement for linguistically and culturally diverse students through the development and dissemination of curricular, instructional, and assessment products and resources.

FLARE is funded by a three year grant (2009-2011) by the Carnegie Corporation of New York. The FLARE project encompasses the following six key goals and objectives:

    1. To improve the learning and achievement of English Language Learners (ELLs) and provide teachers with practical tools for keeping ELLs on track for academic success and post-secondary opportunities.
    2. To improve the high school graduation rates and college readiness of ELLs.
    3. To support and expand English as a second language (ESL) and bilingual teachers' capacity to evaluate their students.
    4. To provide the necessary materials and training to support the effective implementation of formative and interim assessments in ELL classrooms.
    5. To develop valid and reliable formative and interim measures of students' progress in academic English language proficiency.
    6. To pioneer a formative assessment model for ELLs in the middle and high school grades using best practices.